Aging in place

If you follow me on social media or know me in my capacity as an Aging Life Care® manager you know that I am on hot standby for the most up to date, useful,  awesome designs and trends related to aging in place.

At age 59 I realize that aging in place is not a one-time set of home modifications that Frank and I will undertake further down the aging road. “Life (aging in place) is what happens when you are busy making other plans.” – John Lennon

We start now to 1) dream, 2) design, 3) budget, 4) prioritize, and 5) build/remodel, recognizing that the aging in place concept is a means to an end: it facilitates choice, independence, and least restrictive environment.

My Age in Place Project Plan is a virtual vision board. Though images and designs are still morphing, the concepts of ease and comfort are what inspire me.

  • Aging in place is gaining momentum as a style/design.
  • Intentional communities are trending now.
  • Universal design absolutely does not mean institutional nor is it necessarily lacking style.
  • Technology is our friend. Embrace it. Conquer it. Use it.
  • Focus on the master bathroom and the kitchen while continuing to daydream about aging-friendly modifications for other rooms. For us, a back deck/porch is a priority.
  • Meet with an interior designer that has street cred for well-done aging in place homes (ask for references, a website, photos, a portfolio, etc).
  • Understand that design and function of your aging in place forever home are only two spokes of the aging wheel.
  • “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.” If you go inside your lovely home and stay there you may make yourself a victim of social isolation. You may become depressed, anxious, physically sick, and put yourself at great risk for cognitive decline. We humans are social beings. We need purposeful, meaningful lives and interactions with others at every age.
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  • Aging in place does not mean to live exclusively with a bunch of other seniors. We need to mix it up with babies, children, Gen X, Gen Y, etc., etc. A multi-generational model is appealing because it allows us to share our greatest strengths and to overcome our biggest challenges. Better together.
  • New construction should include accessible features and is designed with future modifications in mind.
  • Following new technologies and living space design for aging in place is my mission. Road trips included.
  • #LetsAllStayHome


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