5 things caregivers and their loved ones need right now

Last Friday, mid-morning, I took a client to a department store and to lunch. My client lives in a memory care facility. She has dementia. She also is an 80 year retired English Literature professor, a mom, an aunt, a sister, a friend. She had a career before career women were common. My client likes… Continue reading 5 things caregivers and their loved ones need right now

Do you have this in pumpkin?

I can feel autumn in the air today. The sky is a deeper blue. The crepe myrtle blooms have all but faded away. Leaves are showing that first hint of fall color. Dawn comes later and dusk earlier. Fall in North Carolina does not necessarily mean cooler temperatures. That young lady wearing the leather boots and… Continue reading Do you have this in pumpkin?

Status quo

Currently: Listening: Sade’s Lover’s Rock from 2000. By Your Side is a love song for all time. I’ll always recognize it as the background music for SATC Season 4 when Samantha and Richard dance by the pool. Eating: Yasso coffee chocolate chip bars (only 100 cal, frozen Greek yogurt!) and not feeling guilty at all. Drinking: Starbucks Teavana… Continue reading Status quo

Southern rock

My childhood home always had plenty of rocking chairs, chairs that invited our family and neighbors to sit for a while and visit. The porch always had a collection that included something for everyone:  big wooden rockers, child-sized rockers, spring-base metal patio chairs, to name a few. From Memorial Day through Labor Day we rocked a… Continue reading Southern rock