High five

Holiday gatherings hostess gift: reasonably priced at $10-$13 this Italian wine is yummy plus it has a fun factor (glass “cork”) Scaia Bianca Garganega Chardonnay   Snacktime: Give me my Yasso bar, a 100 calorie (!) frozen treat that satisfies chocolate cravings and does not tip the scale in the wrong direction. It’s frozen Greek yogurt… Continue reading High five

Status quo

Currently: Listening: Sade’s Lover’s Rock from 2000. By Your Side is a love song for all time. I’ll always recognize it as the background music for SATC Season 4 when Samantha and Richard dance by the pool. Eating: Yasso coffee chocolate chip bars (only 100 cal, frozen Greek yogurt!) and not feeling guilty at all. Drinking: Starbucks Teavana… Continue reading Status quo