High five

  1. Holiday gatherings hostess gift: reasonably priced at $10-$13 this Italian wine is yummy plus it has a fun factor (glass “cork”) Scaia Bianca Garganega Chardonnay  scaia-garganega
  2. Snacktime: Give me my Yasso bar, a 100 calorie (!) frozen treat that satisfies chocolate cravings and does not tip the scale in the wrong direction. It’s frozen Greek yogurt for goodness sake. And yes, they have chocolate chip cookie dough too! yasso-bar
  3. TV time: binge-worthy Good Girls Revolt streaming on Amazon Prime. It’s 1969 and three young women working as researchers at a newsroom want it all: equal pay, equal opportunities, love, sex, and friendship along the way. Perfect for the Thanksgiving food coma downtime if football isn’t your thing.goodgirlsrevoltpilotwide
  4. You gotta get off the sofa sometime: a good friend and neighbor turned me on to the Yoga Studio app. You know your usual yoga place may be closed over the Thanksgiving holidays or you may need mat time at midnight after binge tv (see #3 above).
  5. Side dish: when you took too long to sign up for your Friendsgiving potluck and paper products AND the veggie tray were already taken. Kale, apple, walnut and blue cheese salad. BAM! kale-and-apple-salad
    Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a good night! Wait…did I just mush together two upcoming holidays? Yep, sure did, just like every place I shopped this week.


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