Black Friday, keep me out of the red


Five great Black Friday deals that I want, but don’t need, and may or may not snag after midnight!

  1. Furbo doggie camera: A smart dog camera that lets you see, talk, and even toss a treat to your dog! This is a bargain (for all of us crazed 50’something fur baby parents) at $186! 25% off the usual retail price of $249, somebody hide my credit card now! No FOMO with my Daisy Jane and I can swipe (toss) her favorite Life’s Abundance treats to her even when I’m away from home.
  2. Faux-fur wine gift bag: On sale at Target for $7.64! Save 15%. Plus 5% saving with my (I mean your) Target red card. Stop it. wine-bag
  3.  My neighborhood Norwex rep is offering crazy-good Black Friday discounts. From 3am – 5:59am, order via text or email and get 30% off. No, I am not setting my alarm for 3am but if my little Daisy Jane rises and shines at 5am per her usual morning routine, new Envirocloths and that mop system will be mine.norwex-mop-system
  4. I will not buy this 40″ LED smart tv for $247.99 (regular price is $429.99) because I am mad at Target for opening at 6p today. Plus, we don’t need a television and there is not much worth watching anyway.
  5. Ciao bella! Via Spiga’s Ophelia bootie, so cute. 1) I have a shoe problem. 2) I do not need another pair of boots. 3) What would Imelda Marcos do? 4) Argh, saved by the bell, out of stock in my size! via-spiga

On a more serious note, I am sad for all retail store employees that have to leave their Thanksgiving holiday behind too soon. I was a department manager at Belk for several years. It was the pits to work those extra-long days. Working in retail during the holiday season takes a lot of patience and fortitude. By the end of a workday like Black Friday, you are exhausted, hungry, thirsty, and have about one nerve left.

Enjoy the sales, the great deals, shopping with friends or family and please, be kind to the person at the cash register. Santa’s watching and so is that elf on a shelf!


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