Fresh start

September 2018
September 2018

Who doesn’t love a fresh start?

Sometimes one month simply melts into the next without fanfare. Some months are on pre-order with plans and ideas that fill up daily schedules long before the time arrives. And some months give us opportunities, practically screaming “fresh start” as the calendar page is turned.

September is one of those fresh start months for me. Likely left over from school days, I have a craving for new clothes, new work supplies and new routines. I make this pact with myself that what I do on September 1 will set my course for at least the next four weeks.

Stated intentions work well for my accountability practice. So here goes:

  • Exercise: like Nike, just do it! I love my sticker system – a fun sticker on my wall calendar every day that I exercise.
  • Love: be present for the people in my life. I roll through my play lists and dedicate favorites to special people. I make love an intentional practice with sugar and spice.
  • Create: new visuals as a way of refreshing daily life. Whether I treat myself to a new outfit, trade out home décor, capture images of joyful experiences, or write, I’m making time to acknowledge new ways that I’m living with intention and purpose.
  • Show up: say what I’ll do and do what I say. This requires me to be authentic, honest, and to practice the gentle art of saying yes and no.
  • Stay tuned: to the peaks and valleys of life and be poised to pivot with grace and faith. This is big. No, it’s huge! It’s all about the balance between living in the moment, serendipity, and what happens while we’re making other plans.

See you, August, as I roll around in the dog days of summer and freshen up for Fall.

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