Five for fighting (aging)

54-five-for-fightingFor all my fifty-something friends and tribe mates, one day you look through an unfiltered lens or in the harsh light of a bathroom mirror and flabby, flappy signs of aging wave back at you. Although there is no Hallmark greeting card for this undesired moment yet, it will serve you well to pay attention to this special occasion.

It was a fight or flight moment for me when I first realized I could no longer ignore the aging enemy at my gate. Flight is never my first choice so I decided to fight – like a girl- a girl that plays ice hockey in the National Hockey League. I did what NHL players do best, follow the rule book when it suits me and cheat like hell when necessary.

My five favorite ways to fight aging that are worth a trip to the penalty box:

  1. Purposely delay the game: the time has come. you must cleanse your face and apply night cream before bed every single night.
  2. Hold an opponent: from mild (microdermfive-for-fightingabrasion and peptide serum) to wild (Botox, Juvederm)  to keep wrinkles at bay.
  3. Check from behind: tighten up with squats and lunges every single day.
  4. Use profanity: sometimes raw self-talk is necessary to push through planks and crunches.
  5. Argue with the referee: get more sleep – whatever it takes – bargain with your family, fake a concussion so you will be sent to the quiet room, walk off the ice without permission.

Fighting the flabby, flappy, fifty-something body suit that showed up in your closet and you have nothing else to wear is a J-O-B. It turns out it isn’t time to retire yet. What you sow, you reap:

  • smoother skin
  • more muscle, less fat
  • healthier heart
  • happier days
  • clearer mind
  • Stanley Cup championship – well, maybe not a Stanley Cup exactly but you will be in the “I disrupted aging winners circle”!





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