Status quo


  1. Listening: Sade’s Lover’s Rock from 2000. By Your Side is a love song for all time. I’ll always recognize it as the background music for SATC Season 4 when Samantha and Richard dance by the pool.
  2. Eating: Yasso coffee chocolate chip bars (only 100 cal, frozen Greek yogurt!) and not feeling guilty at all.
  3. Drinking: Starbucks Teavana peach green tea before it goes away for the season
  4. Wearing: these Spenco sandals. Like gloves for the soles of your feet!
  5. Feeling: one “aha moment” after another. This encore career as a geriatric care manager has given me more blessings than I can count.
  6. Weather: some of NC’s finest. 67 degrees at night.  85 degrees at noon.
  7. Wanting: these bowls from the Pioneer Woman’s fall collection of dishes at Walmart now.
  8. Needing: not much at all. Simplicity is underrated. I’m just sayin’.
  9. Thinking: work stuff. important stuff. This country needs a national family caregiver strategy. Thank goodness for this new report about the caregiving crisis.
  10. Enjoying: this baby girldaisy-jane

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