Do you have this in pumpkin?

I can feel autumn in the air today. The sky is a deeper blue. The crepe myrtle blooms have all but faded away. Leaves are showing that first hint of fall color. Dawn comes later and dusk earlier.pumpkin

Fall in North Carolina does not necessarily mean cooler temperatures. That young lady wearing the leather boots and leggings is cool, not cold. And, everyone knows a pumpkin spice latte tastes better in leather.

I have been distracted this week, and especially today, by this mild inner urgency to buy mums and a pumpkin. Thankfully I reality-checked myself at Target when I overheard this conversation between a mom and her child. “We need to buy a pumpkin for Halloween. Can we buy a pumpkin today?”…Pause…”Not today, dear. We will buy a pumpkin in a couple of weeks, in October, as usual.”

Pumpkin is having a Moment in my little town. When did white pumpkins make it to the Hot List? Do I need one of each this year? Good grief Charlie Brown, this is not in sync with my de-clutter and simplify annual performance goals.

I wonder why more always has to generate more? I love pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread and jack o’ lanterns. I probably would love a pumpkin spice latte but the Southern rebel in me refuses to give it up to Starbucks. This is when I would like to peace out. No pumpkin spice Fudge Stripe cookies, no pumpkin spice Cheerios and “lego my Eggo”waffles! No thank you, I do not want a pumpkin spice waffle.

Wake me up when September ends. Then I’ll throw on a fleece and a scarf (October average daily temperature be damned) and make my way to the pumpkin patch. I’ll take one pumpkin, please, in pumpkin.



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