So God made a dog

Alzheimer’s Service Dogs

Excerpted from an excellent article about Alzheimer’s. Follow this link to read more about coping with this disease


Mind Readers: Canines are 100 times more sensitive to electromagnetic energy than humans. They can sense subtle changes in brainwaves that forecast Alzheimer’s outbursts. If Rick becomes anxious while out walking with Sam, the dog will feel his agitation and guide him home.

Superior Noses: Dogs take in nearly 80% of outside information via scent. If Rick wanders away from home, Sam can track him for miles.

The Right Fit: Alzheimer’s dog candidates are chosen based on 2 main criteria: breed and background. Herding and hunting dogs have highly-developed thinking abilities making them easy to train. Dogs that were abandoned or raised in unloving homes are favored as they develop stronger bonds with handlers.

Highly Focused: Alzheimer’s dogs are conditioned to keep 95% of their attention on their handler and 5% on making sure their surroundings are safe.

Passive, Yet Firm: Alzheimer’s dogs provide “passive protection;” identifying when their handler is in danger and responding accordingly. If Rick tries to leave the house by himself, Sam blocks his path. If that doesn’t work, Sam will push Rick away from the door using his paws and muzzle.