Humans plan; God laughs.

Always loved this expression. It resonates with me since I’m so dispassionate about planning. Since I was a teenager I’ve subscribed to the philosophy of Be Here Now. “The best laid plans…” is a saying that speaks to me.

However, I’m an adult, with a family, and a job, and responsibilities. Therefore, yes, I make plans. I keep a meticulous Outlook calendar (in fact, I keep two calendars these days). In the spirit of American culture I made big plans for the New Year. I even made a few New Year’s resolutions. In my 54th year of life, by all accounts calendar years 2013-2014 are game changers for me. I completed an educational program, proposed two new job descriptions and positions for myself, turned my work schedule upside down, set up not one, but two, new offices in two new locations; one new email address; and joyfully, opened my heart to new friends and colleagues while honoring Auld Lang Syne.  

I planned and I prepared for an awesome new time of life. I was READY, organized, at the top of my game, and then…life happened. My husband and I were un-decorating the Christmas tree Saturday, Dec 28 when the telephone rang. My elderly mom had been transported to the hospital following a 9-1-1 call. The next three weeks humbled me. My heart was at odds with my mind and my priorities were soon re-ordered.. Long story short, my mom is okay now. She had a minor health issue that was seriously complicated by an adverse reaction to one of her hospital prescribed medications.

The life lesson for me does not go unnoticed. It is so easy, so seductive, to be caught up in looking ahead, locking your gaze on the horizon, instead of looking inward, to live in this moment, the only one you really have. It is by the grace of one’s Higher Power that the journey through this life is charted. It is well-advised to be less focused on tomorrow, next month, next year, and more focused on the journey of the day.

Love, Serve, Remember – a mantra that I’m grateful to be reminded of as I write this post. Try to be less enamored with yourself and keep that ego in check. Laugh more, whine less. Practice gratitude. Be at peace in this moment.

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