(Wo)Man Plans, God Laughs

Nothing in life humbles me as much as a child or a puppy. I may be semi-retired but the project manager in me lives on. I’m a driven woman, visiting my calendar multiple times a day. Be on time. Have an efficient, effective meeting/appointment/visit/errand. Write succinct, timely messages. Follow up. Keep a list. And above all, do not be late.

Wait, did you hear that? The sound of screeching brakes so sudden and intense that the tire marks left on the pavement are permanent? That is me in response to our 5 lb miniature dachshund puppy named Daisy Jane. This adorable 4 month old pup with the melt-your-heart liquid brown eyes wrecks my daily agenda and chews up my calendar on a regular basis.

This puppy steals shoes, magazines, and sleep. I think she is aiming for a career in phlebotomy. Her blood draw technique leads me to think she would be a great one. Those sharp little puppy teeth are the reason Band Aid brand stock soared last quarter.

Much like my son as a toddler, Daisy Jane disregards the notion of a morning routine. Drink my morning coffee in peace while it’s hot?  #fugetaboutit

Purse, briefcase, lunch packed and one hand on the doorknob? STOP, and I don’t mean a rolling stop. The puppy has to go potty. Jacket off, purse down, leash on and we are on our way for a brisk, Mama-means-business walk.

Hear that sound? That is God chuckling at my plan. He knows why we are really going outside even if I do not. It’s a beautiful morning with so many treasures for a puppy to discover, inspect and ingest. Toadstools, leaves, a woolly worm (bonus!) and messages left for Daisy on our mailbox post need to be attended to. Repeating a mantra of “potty, potty, potty”, I take a deep breath in and exhale. Daisy prances over to me, ears up and tail up, as she proudly offers me an acorn.

Back inside after our walk, I repeat my morning routine. Jacket on, purse in hand, briefcase in the car, hmm, where is my To Do list? Found it! It’s in Daisy’s mouth, now in shreds. I bend over, pick her up, pluck the paper pieces from her mouth and she gives me a wet puppy kiss on my nose as she nuzzles her face into my hair.

These are the sweetest days watching my Daisy grow. I weave her photos and funny stories into visits with my aging clients. Love for puppies and children is, blessedly, something that dementia doesn’t steal. Laughter eases pain and brings light to the corners of depression. The gift of a puppy’s unconditional love is multiplied and magnified when shared.

And time? There is no time like the present with Daisy Jane.




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