When you only have 100 years to live

With time comes wisdom. I treasure my pearls of wisdom collection as much as some women cherish their heirloom jewelry. Some pearls have passed from generation to generation, some pearls as imperfectly perfect as self-taught lessons. The collection is as unique and special as the people I carry in my heart.

“Life is a journey of sweetness and sorrow. Of yesterday’s memories and hopes for tomorrow. There are many branches to your journey through life. The people involved in each branch can make a big difference in how it turns out. Every branch will be different.”

“My favorite color is gray, but not regular gray…gray like the color of the sea and the sky just before a storm.”

“Yesterday is a memory, tomorrow an unchartered course, so live today so that it will be a day without remorse.” “Make every day count and count my blessings every day.”

“Assume people come from a place of positive intentions.”

“I don’t know who’s who, what’s for and how come. Crapadoodle!”

“The sea is where my soul rests.”

“Tend to your business.”

“Your wants won’t kill you.”

“Big cloud. No rain.”

“Panic breeds.”

“Love wins.”









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