Status quo – December


  1. Listening: “Baby-makin’ jazz playist” via our Amazon Fire. Oh, settle down. The only baby at our house is our baby dachshund Daisy Jane.
  2. Eating: back to the healthy eating life. We fell off the food wagon in November. It was good while it lasted. Although, sugar, salt, carbs, too much meat send my body into a sluggish state. I hate this de-tox phase (sugar is an addiction, no lie) though. Dinner tonight: chicken and broccoli.
  3. Drinking: H2O. Today’s water brought to you by my Brita water pitcher. Saving money, saving time. Still love my fancy pantsy designer water too.
  4. Wearing: a Stitch Fix long sleeve knit tunic and my favorite Lysse knit leggings.
  5. Feeling: peaceful and calm. We are enjoying a long weekend at the NC coast. Home away from home.
  6. Weather: cloudy and 50 degrees. Perfect Sunday afternoon under a blanket at the beach weather.
  7. Wanting:  to stay at the beach! One day this will be our full-time home. Timing is everything, so they say. We are here now (Be Here Now, my friends) and it is perfect. Sometimes “wanting” is at odds with “being” fully present in the moment.  Hmmm, maybe I need to re-purpose my wanting into having!
  8. Thinking: deep thoughts. One of my elderly clients is going through a difficult time. I will visit her tomorrow. She is being well-cared for by friends and caregivers but she is confused, anxious, and her cognitive decline is progressing. And she realizes that her memory is not good. Unfortunately her little dog bit her yesterday. She had to go to the emergency department to take care of the wound. It was bad but it could have been much worse. For the safety of everyone a friend took the dog to be boarded at the vet. No one knows yet what the conclusion of this story will be.
  9. Watching: the holiday lights on our beachy Christmas tree with Frank. Last night we checked out the Carolina Beach flotilla. Holiday lights on a boat in the harbor. Holidays, start your engines!tree-2016

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