Status Quo – January


    1. Listening: old school! Earth, Wind & Fire Greatest Hits. Needed some old school sing and dance music to get me through this seriously gray month. Released in 1975, Sing a Song takes me back to my easy, breezy teenage years: “When you feel down and out sing a song, it’ll make your day…” Is it true that you can’t feel sad or anxious at the same time you are singing a happy song?
  1. Eating: Girl Scout cookies. God Save the Queen and me! I’m a strong woman at the grocery store. I give those girl scouts cash and refuse the cookies. BUT I am completely incapable of standing firm with my 7 year old neighbor Brownie Scout. 1) she’s adorable; and 2) she is standing on my front porch, boxes of cookies in hand!!! Hand me Samoa! P.S. for the past couple of years Samoas have asked to be called Caramel deLites (whatever, cue the eye roll). samoa
  2. Drinking: water shmater! I’m still celebrating the New Year (well someone has to) with SCAIA Sauvignon Blanc from Italy. scaia-garganega
  3. Wearing: a Stitch Fix cape from last year’s cold weather season like the one in this photo. I get compliments whenever I wear it.  Try Stitch Fix and tell them I sent you! ( cape
  4. Feeling: sorry for all the young adults in the US that need and are losing services from Planned Parenthood. I could rant and I probably will but in another post. You can buy this bag for $15 and the $$ goes to PP. Just sayin’.planned-parenthood
  5. Weather: Rainy and 55°F (11 people killed today by severe weather including tornadoes in Georgia). Is Mother Nature trying to tell us something, my fellow US citizens? “When mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” (No, I don’t have poor grammar; I’m lifting a lyric from a country song!)
  6. Wanting: Spring, at the beach, for a week, weighing 5 lbs less than now, wearing a cute swimsuit and a sassy hat. That’s all.
  7. Needing: a new breakfast game plan. I tried this recipe for avocado toast last week. It was yummy but I was starving by mid-morning. I wish I could fall back in love with Greek yogurt. I can and will eat it but frankly, the music has died and the passion has flamed out.
  8. Thinking: about the Women’s March yesterday and enjoying all the social media posts, videos and photos. How far we’ve come and how far we still have to go. Heavy thoughts, people. See my next blog post “To Betty Friedan with love” for my personal journey as a woman in America. I was a teenager in the 70s when life as a female was a study in contradictions: I could burn my bra but I couldn’t blow the whistle on a friend of the family that sexually harassed me.
  9. Watching: Showtime’s The Affair. What a beautiful hot mess! Frank and I self-limit, one episode per night, so that we savor this series. Tonight is Season 3 Episode 1. I love this series with the beautiful coastal scenery early on, the characters I love to hate, the sex scenes (there, I said it), and the heartfelt ways I relate to Allison and Helen. Is it small screen art? Is it crushingly original? No and no. It’s what my childhood friend’s mom called “chewing gum for the eyes”. Long hair don’t care. Do not touch that remote!

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