Laugh until your belly hurts

Sometimes if you search really hard you score a movie or a television program that makes you laugh so hard you can skip your abdominal workout for a day. True story.

And when I find a really funny show I want to share it with the world.

A few of my recent favorites. I hope you enjoy them as much as Frank and I did (and will again because they are re-run worthy!).

  • Life in Pieces: CBS. Season 2 playing now. The Cauliflower Rice episode – priceless.
  • Crisis in Six Scenes: Amazon. Season 1 playing now. You won’t believe the cast: Woody Allen, Diane May and Miley Cyrus. Wait. What. Miley Cyrus? With Woody Allen? Yep. Stream it. You’ll be glad you did (if you love the 1960s like I do).
  • Bad Moms: on DVD. Definitely worth a Redbox trip and $1.50. It’s a chick flick. Frank was a good sport.
  • This Is 40: ditto, on DVD. Date night worthy. We have watched this one a couple of times. And we will again.
  • Modern Family: the early years. I’m struggling a bit with this season but I’m still watching! Lily, it’s all about Lily. My favorite line of all time: “Does somebody need a wambulance?”

“If You Laugh A Lot, When You Get Older, Your Wrinkles Will Be In The Right Places.” – unknown


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