Are these words getting royalties?

My overused word list for 2016. Tired, so tired. Is there a retirement home for words that have lost their snap, crackle and pop?

  • Curated: how did I live for 50+ years with the belief that curated is a word owned exclusively by museums and museum people. In 2016 I saw curated content about everything from lipstick to pickles. Really.
  • Pivot: in 2016 we no longer lived with consequences of bad decisions and god forbid that someone have a good wallow in negative feelings. Nope, this year good manners and the corporate ladder dictated that one must pivot to a more acceptable point of view. Ugh.
  • On point: much like a verbal chess match, political debates and movie reviews involve the exchange of savvy opinions. Scoring involves a genteel acknowledgement of “points well taken”…on point.
  • Charcuterie: I think this word may have gotten a free pass from 2015 to 2016 because the cocktail circuit loved it so much. Serve up salami, prosciutto, a few nuts and olives on a rustic board and you were the best host ever. Fun, tasty, hard to spell – charcuterie, get to the back of the line. 2017 will be all about the mid-century chip and dip set.

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