goodbye-helloI’ve spent this last day of 2016 in the warm embrace of the ones I love with sand between my toes and the salt air breeze blowing softly through my hair. Kindness, simplicity, spontaneity – wouldn’t it be wonderful and amazing if these could be the motivations of all our days.

I’ve asked and been asked the time-tested question about resolutions for the new year. Do I make resolutions? Do I keep resolutions? I’ve laughed and shrugged and murmured vague promises and predictions.

As the 2016 clock winds down here is a moment of reflection. A new year ahead – is it truly a clean slate? And how much impact would a few promises really have in my everyday life? Lately, every time I hear the word resolution I think of revolution instead. So…I’m going with the flow. 2017 will be a year of revolution instead of resolution – aggressive instead of passive. I’ll take a stand instead of taking a seat. Roar rather than rumble.

May your life be as intentional as mine. May you feel the power of passion that burns bright and hot. Touch people. Love yourself. Live with wild abandon. Create.

If life’s a jungle out there baby let’s learn to swing through the trees.



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