Aging in place #LetsAllStayHome

Aging in place. #AIP. This. Yes. Something like 89% of boomers want to age in place.

Well duh.

Boomers, Gen X&Y and now Millennials  have watched their parents and grandparents struggle fiercely to stay home even as the inevitability of aging takes its toll on health. The next chapter in this worst story ever is the relocation trauma drama. Bank accounts are drained by corporate eldercare storage facilities. Curb appeal is the hook and insufficient, inadequate care (and really bad food) is the sad chorus over and over again. Families are stretched, stressed and siblings take rivalry to new lows.

Watch and learn. I and my peeps are poised for an uprising. Disrupt aging? That’s a plan. What’s your pleasure? Tiny home, granny pod, 55+ community, universal design, multigenerational hippie commune? Read my lips, “no assisted living facility for me”.

From my side of 50 this is the year I become a #AIP groupie. I’ll continue to build my list of experts and consultants over the coming months. I already know, love and trust a  few certified aging in place contractors, interior designers who believe that form follows function, financial planners, occupational and physical therapists that thrive on keeping abreast of the latest and greatest adaptive technologies and IT magicians that can advise about smart house dos and don’ts. I’ll share their creativity, their passions and their recommendations in dedicated blog posts.

My ride or die friends and family tell me that they are up for this 2017 independent study on “Aging My Way” or as I like to call it #LetsAllStayHome. 

“I always wanted to live in a commune filled with peace, love and purpose.” – Vivian



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