Miss Assumption

Cynics and skeptics have their places in the world. I am neither one. I tend to hang out in a happy zone, leaning in with an optimistic outlook. Glass half full is a good perspective to begin and end a day. That perspective isn’t without its challenges though. Looking at the world through rose-colored glasses sometimes leads to misassumptions which lead to disappointment and frustration. … Continue reading Miss Assumption

Encore career?

I love Twitter! This is sort of a major statement for me to make since I am still on the bunny slope of tweets and hashtags. It’s a brave new world and I am not ashamed to admit that it’s hard for this girl to condense my thoughts to 140 characters! I’m from the South;… Continue reading Encore career?

Out of the classroom and into the world

Whew! Five courses in the geriatric care management program at University of Florida were well worth my time and tuition checks. I didn’t really have concerns that my investments of time, dollars and brain energy were unwise but Day One of my internship with a geriatric care management agency was an A+++ in my own… Continue reading Out of the classroom and into the world