Thank you for your service

My dad, my uncles, my brother, and so many more family members, dear friends and their family members served our country with courage and honor in the United States Armed Forces. Their sacrifices were many – physical, emotional, financial – and during their years of service lives were touched and changed with a permanence that… Continue reading Thank you for your service

I’ve Got the Bifocals Blues

One of life’s most amusing and frustrating challenges is the dreaded mid-40s onset “I can’t see a damn thing” phenomenon.  You may have been blessed with 20/20 vision, or like me, you are near-sighted and have worn glasses practically all of your life. It doesn’t matter which vision scenario describes your eyesight because one day… Continue reading I’ve Got the Bifocals Blues

So God made a dog

Alzheimer’s Service Dogs Excerpted from an excellent article about Alzheimer’s. Follow this link to read more about coping with this disease ************************************************************************************************ Mind Readers: Canines are 100 times more sensitive to electromagnetic energy than humans. They can sense subtle changes in brainwaves that forecast Alzheimer’s outbursts. If Rick becomes anxious while out walking with… Continue reading So God made a dog

Let there be light

As October zips by, the nights grow longer and daylight hours are to be cherished. This is a difficult time of year for folks, especially those who are affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and those who suffer with low vision challenges. Take a few minutes and think about the older adults in your lives. … Continue reading Let there be light

Mantra for a dementia patient’s caregiver

I found this quote by Bridget Hunt while surfing a few blogs online. I’ve embraced the message and keep it close to remind me that how you make someone feel demonstrates your level of respect for that person. Folks with dementia aren’t trying to provoke an argument or start a fight. The disease is a

I get by with a little help from my friends

We all need a helping hand from time to time, a hand out, a hand up. We hold our children’s hands at the beginning of life and, if we are blessed, our children hold our hands and our hearts to see the seasons through. At the same time though, the desire for independence is a driving force from… Continue reading I get by with a little help from my friends

Out of the classroom and into the world

Whew! Five courses in the geriatric care management program at University of Florida were well worth my time and tuition checks. I didn’t really have concerns that my investments of time, dollars and brain energy were unwise but Day One of my internship with a geriatric care management agency was an A+++ in my own… Continue reading Out of the classroom and into the world